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Customer Experience

Here is what just some our clients are saying about NVUS Awareness creams

I am delighted with the NVUS Face Awareness cream. When I use it I feel like I am nurturing my skin with all that is pure and healthy just like you heal an ailing body. I had a lot of wrinkles on my chin but they are starting to disappear. I also like that it leaves my skin moist for the whole day and not oily or shiny!

-Rashmi Zimburg, mother, career woman and wife of the Austrian Ambassador to Japan

Before I tried NVUS, I thought just using a cream (no primers, toners, serums, etc.) would never suffice. But only one week after using NVUS, my skin was revelling in just the one cream. Saffron is such a precious and powerful ingredient in the world of Ayurveda…and along with 5 peptides, the face cream is truly a premium hybrid cream. You must try it!

-Michiru, celebrity make-up artist and Elle Magazine Online star blogger, Tokyo, Japan

Working in the beauty industry for over 15 years as an esthetician for celebrities, I have come across hundreds upon hundreds of products. Rarely does a product stand out like the NVUS anti-aging skincare line. I am truly impressed by the quality of these creams and the incredible results I have experienced after using them. Each of the four creams have beautiful, silky texture and makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I definitely recommend NVUS skincare to all of my clients!

-Kyoko Getz, world-renowned beautician, Los Angeles, USA

NVUS Awareness creams moisten, brighten and refine my skin. After a long career as a model, I entered the yoga world and found myself trying to simplify my life. NVUS all-in-one creams match my renewed approach to living. NVUS creams are, to me, indispensable. They fit my clean and simple yet smart and efficient lifestyle.

-Rie Sawa, model, beauty and skin expert, and anti-aging food consultant, Tokyo, Japan

I am in love with NVUS facial cream and eye cream. Most of all, I love the smooth, silky touch, as well as it's perfect texture which melts rich moisture into my skin. It's divine... it's one of the best natural yet effective skincare items I've ever tried.

-Mae Yoshikawa, Founding Director of vedatokyo.com, yoga life with Mae(Omotesando, Tokyo) & ADIDAS Yoga Ambassador