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Saffron: The Miracle Anti-Aging Spice More Expensive than Gold


The Miracle Anti-Aging Spice

Saffron has been a key beauty treatment of the royals for centuries. It has occupied a special place in the culture and tradition of people across India, Persia, Europe, and Africa since time immemorial. Saffron has perfumed the palaces and temples of India and even made Cleopatra more alluring (she was known to have saffron added to her bath).

Saffron's miraculous anti-aging properties have special mention in the Bhaava Prakaasha Nighantu, a renowned treatise of Ayurvedic medicine. This text lists some of these properties as follows:

  • Retains moisture on the skin thereby reducing dryness
  • Improves skin complexion; promotes natural colour of skin
  • Skin brightening - anti-bacterial properties help to clear hyper-pigmentation
  • Antioxidant - scavenges free radicals that cause the signs of skin aging
  • Pacifies aggravations that can cause skin problems, including inflammation and acne

All of these qualities make saffron a powerful and holistic skincare ingredient — the miracle anti-aging spice.

More expensive than gold!

Saffron is made from three tiny threads, the stigma, which are painstakingly harvested from each Crocus Sativum flower by hand, making the per gram cost of pure, high-quality saffron more expensive than gold! Approximately 15,000 flowers are needed to produce just 100 grams of dried saffron.

The active ingredients within saffron are then carefully extracted using a specialized process and blended in optimal concentrations with other ayurvedic botanicals and cutting-edge bio-active peptides to the NVUS skincare formulations to make truly effective, unique and exclusive anti-aging creams.

NVUS thanks our Ayurveda advisor, Dr. Anil Kumar (click here for profile), for his support in bringing the principles of authentic Ayurveda to our line of Awareness creams.